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Top Five Influential Games

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Thornblossom said...
1. and 2. Civilization and Covert Action by Sid Meier.

I know Sid Meier wasn't satisfied with Covert Action, but I loved the duality of play and I think one of the draws was the overarching plot.

Civilization was just brilliant and is still a strong game to this day.

3. The Sims.

I spent years playing this game and didn't get bored. I love dollhouses in Real life and in The Sims I got to play with as many as I wanted without cluttering up my real house.

4. Various Console Games

Back in the 80's. I was told "Girls aren't good at gaming", so I set out to beat every single console game we owned. I did it too.

5. Qbert

This is the only arcade game I can think of at this moment, and I know I spent hours moving the joystick and watching the little guy bounce around the screen.
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